Who is the TondoArt team? 
Our team comes from the very center of the art world, with over 50 years of art insider knowledge and expertise. We want to bring you the information and tips you’ll need to always be one step ahead and make smart art buying choices.

How do you choose your artists?
We scour the world for the hottest artists, collecting data and information on who is generating the most buzz and which artists are tagged to be the next big thing. We hit the ground at full-force, using our network, exploring art fairs and artist studios, gallery and museum exhibitions, to discover the best talent out there. All of these artists are then run through the TondoArt proprietary algorithm.

Which artists make it onto your app?
At any given time we have over 1,000 artists running through the TondoArt algorithm, but all the artists that appear on the app are carefully selected and all of them are considered hot buys, though they may be at different stages of their careers. Artists that score below a 20 do not appear on our app, unless they are in the Watchlist category, further defined below.

How does the algorithm work?
Our algorithm was built by math geniuses.  It captures and analyzes key data points from an artist’s career. We complete exhaustive research on each artist, look at all relevant data, and the algorithm generates a score. Each score is “live,” meaning it will constantly change to echo the ups and downs of an artist’s career.

What does the score mean?
The score is an indicator of how hot an artist is in the current market, and it’s calculated out of 100. The higher a score, the hotter an artist is. Media buzz, gallery exhibitions, dealer representation, and where an artist went to school are just several of hundreds of factors that make up an artist’s score, and each is weighted differently in the algorithm. Remember, though, every single artist we choose to feature on our app is hot—they just might be at different stages of their career.

What about those other numbers on the front of the card?
To give you a better sense of how the artist is performing in the current market, we show you slices of different areas of his career. A high Museum Power score, for example, means that the artist has a lot of key museum exhibitions under his belt, whereas a low Paddle Power score means that the artist does not have an established auction market yet.  Media buzz refers to how much the artist is mentioned in the press and Gallery Power refers to how substantial an artist’s gallery exhibitions are. These numbers are not the only factors that go into an artist’s final score, but they are part of it.

What are the categories on the front of each card?
The categories Watchlist, Fresh, Trending, Blue Chip, Phoenix and Cooling Off that appear on the front of each artist card indicate where an artist is in their career.

  • Watchlist artists are typically very young or at an early point in their career. These are artists who may have low scores, but we believe they have a lot of potential to grow,

  • Fresh artists show promise in the beginning of their career.

  • Trending artists are established and generating a lot of buzz.

  • Blue Chip artists are already fully established and recognized by the art world proper. These artists tend to have more expensive price tags on their work.

  • Phoenix artists were trending at one point in their career, cooled off, and are now buzzing again. These tend to be artists in the later stage of their career that are having a resurgence.

  • Cooling Off artists have dropped at least 10 points in their score. Once an artist drops below a score of 20, we remove them from the app altogether.

How do you determine your price ranges?
The price ranges we’ve published for an artist have been collected from a mix of reliable sources and they are as accurate as possible based on the information we have available to us. Prices are subject to change and it’s always best to reach out to the artist or their gallery for up-to-date prices.

What is the expert eye?
On each artist card, we’ve included a special dose of expertise directly from the TondoArt team. We’ll tell you more about the artist’s market, which works to focus on if you’re thinking of buying, and any inside information on the future of their market. Consider the expert eye your secret key to the inside track.

How do I buy a piece?
You can be sure we’re providing the most unbiased information available, since we do not sell art and have no partnerships with any platform, dealer or galleries that do sell art. That said, in most all of our artist cards we’ve linked to either the artist’s website or their gallery representatives, so you can easily reach out to inquire about purchasing a work. Also be sure to check upcoming contemporary auctions for works by your artist that might be available for sale.

What is an Art Fair Card?
Each year we choose at least 5 art fairs and pick 5 of the hottest artists from those fairs to feature in the app. The Art Fair Cards are the same as a regular artist cards but have additional information about where to find the artist’s work at the fair. You'll be more confident navigating those fairs!

How do I use the app?
Once you create an account and choose your subscription plan, you can start using the app with a few simple moves:

Move through the cards:

  • Swipe each artist card to the left or the right to move through the stack. Swiping a card to the left or the right won’t dismiss it completely, so don’t worry….you’ll see the card again once you’re back at the beginning of the stack.

Explore the artist cards:

  • Tap on the front of an artist card to flip to the back and find out more. Tap again to go back to the front of the card.

  • Click “Read More” on the back of the card to find out more about the artist and see photos of their work.

  • Tap on the thumbnail images of the artist’s work on the back of the card to see the full image. Tap again to release.

  • Click on additional links to be connected to the artist’s gallery or read more about them. You can always get back to the app by hitting the back button.

  • Check out the Price Range to get a sense of what the artist’s work sells for.

Favorite a card:

  • Tap on the star icon in the upper right hand corner on the front of an artist card to save the card to your favorites for easy access in the future.

Scroll through the cards:

  • Use the Progress Bar at the bottom of the screen to quickly travel through cards without having to swipe them.

  • You can also use the back button, to the left of the progress bar, to go back card by card.

Search for an artist:

  • Click on the search icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and type in the name of the artist you want to find.

Access the Menu:

  • Click on the hamburger menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen at any time to access the menu and move between the Artist Card feed, the Art Fair feed, find Watchlist artists quickly, find your Favorites, adjust your Settings, and Log Out.

  • Don't forget the Invite Friends tab. If you see the incredible value of a digital art advisor, we'd love for you to spread the word. 

More questions?  
Feel free to contact us directly at info@tondoart.net.