Over the course of our careers at the center of the art world, the number one question we were asked was “Who’s the hottest artist to buy?” So, we decided to put our collective 50+ years of expertise to use and answer this once and for all. We picked some of the greatest math brains around to come up with our proprietary algorithm, helping us add some objectivity to such a subjective world.

We plug in over 100+ data points that touch on key factors of an artist’s career: their gallery and museum exhibitions, media and social activity, auction histories, etc. The algorithm is intelligent, it analyzes and creates areas of hotness, constantly learning from the patterns that emerge.

We take the whispers and recommendations we hear, add decades of expertise (ours and gurus) and give you the end result: the hottest artists to watch. To make it even simpler, each artist gets a score that indicates how hot they are in the current market. We also make it easy to find out more about an artist and where their work might be available for sale.

The bottom line? You have a digital art advisory on the go.